Invoke OpenRPA how to get Argument back to ParentWF?

Hi I think I need some further assistant to finish my first complex Bot. I want to get a variable back from an invoked WF. In my other topic, I understand how to get a variable in the childWF.
But the reverse way appears to be different. I have to define the Variable as Argument in the Parent as IN and in the childWF as out?

If i do not like as described above i get compiler errors. But I don’t get the Value from Child to Parent. Can someone explain the right way?

Ok, I tried but no effort. If my understanding of the Documentation is right, it should not be necessarily to define any Argument or Variable in Parentworkflow. I should be able to address the Arguments of the invoked Workflow.

But it doesn’t work. I get a compiler error if I want to address the Argument of the invokedWF in my parentWF.

My Settings are now like the following:

Invoked WF:

When you get the value of an argument from a child process, you need some kind of storage for this value in the parent process (for example, a variable)

Create a variable “iotest” in the parent process and indicate it in the mapping of the child process call step

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Thank you Velinkton! But i had to choose a different Name as Variable. I named the Variable iotest1.

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