Invoke Formula: Fields validations

Hi! hope you are very well. There is any manual/place where describes the diferents utilities of “Invoke Formula” on OpenRPA? Por example the differents types of fields (string, select (combobox),etc) or possible validations like input only numbers or email. I searched online WPF or on OpenRPA docs but only shows a simple example. I know we can create a better form on OpenFlow but i need create on OpenRPA. Thanks!

Hey, yes the documentation on Forge Forms is terrible ! ( but to be fair, the product was not designed to be used as a form generate from code, but as a form generate from c# classes ) so you will find most examples and help in the github issue’s for forge forms
Is has long been on my to do list to write a good getting started guide for that, but since most people end up using the forms in openflow, it has not had high priority

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