Invoke Code activity is not recognizing the arguments (direction: In) and produce a compilation error

OpenRPA version: 1.4.54
OpenFlow version: 1.5.0
Using or self hosted openflow: self hosted
Error message: error CS0103: The name ‘TestArgument’ does not exist in the current context
Screenshot or video:

Attach a simple workflow from OpenRPA or NodeRED that reproduces the error/issue:


  • Despite the compilation error, when the Parent Workflow is executed, the Invoke Code is executed correctly (not error is thrown) and the workflow execution successful.
  • Outside the Invoke Code activity TestArgument is recognized successfully.

ParentWorkflow.json (4.2 KB)
ChikdWorkflow.json (5.9 KB)

That is a well know limitation.
You can assign the value to a variable, or download latest pre-release of openrpa, that suppoets mappings including arguments.

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Thank you Allan, I installed the latest pre-release of OpenRPA and create the mapping and still getting the compilation error, however the execution is successfull.

I cannot reproduce that.

Hi Allan, It’s a bit weird because the code fail during the compilation but not during its execution. I think should be something in my dev environment.