Install SSL in docker

Hi there, at the moment I have Docker installed on Linux and I have my Open flow and Node-red running inside docker. I am trying to figure out how to add SSL certification and use HTTPS instead of HTTP. Any suggestions?


That is explained here.
Be sure to read the part on how go setup dns with your own domain for this to work.

Hi, Allan Thank you for the response. That helped a lot. Now the only problem that I am having is figuring out where to install my certificate in docker. Is this step even necessary?

The example docker files i provide uses let’s encrypt, so traefik will request a certificate on it’s own. This requires the server to be accessible on the internet.
If you need to use your own you can tell traefik tu use that in several different ways, but that is beyond what i will offer support for, via the forum. ( see example configs here and traefik’s support forums here )

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