Input error in workflow started by nodered

There´s a specifically workflow in my openrpa that when i try to run it with ndered that´s the error message in the log:
[10:08:54.597][Output] XAML Node Stream: Missing CurrentObject before EndObject.
[10:07:34.633][Error] System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.
at OpenRPA.Views.WFDesigner.GetParameters(String culture, String Xaml)
at OpenRPA.Workflow.ParseParameters()
at OpenRPA.Workflow.CreateInstance(Dictionary`2 Parameters, String queuename, String correlationId, idleOrComplete idleOrComplete, VisualTrackingHandler VisualTracking, Int32 ident)
at OpenRPA.RobotInstance.<>c__DisplayClass91_3.<WebSocketClient_OnQueueMessage>b__1()
If i change the workflow´s culture language it works, but every time i restart the openrpa goes back to the error language, does anyone now how i can solve it?

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