Incorrect definition of an element on the page and the inability to make a right-click

Hi. I am faced with such a problem.
On the website I need to find a message in a certain chat by condition. And, if necessary, copy the link to it.
To copy, for example, I need to do:

  • right-click on the message,
  • click “Copy link” in the menu that opens

Most of the time, the robot works correctly, but if you move from one chat to another several times and perform any other actions, OpenRPA’s calibration on the site goes wrong. That is, when you click the Highlight button in Get Element, it highlights the area above the element.
When trying to right-click on an element (I tried both virtual and physical clicks), the robot clicks above the element (where the area is highlighted through Highlight). After clearing the cache, it works correctly for a while. But a little later everything repeats.

Do I understand correctly that right-clicking in Openpam is always physical?
Is there a known problem with errant calibration? Are there any solutions? I tried adjusting the X Offset and Y Offset properties, but it won’t help, since the calibration is lost each time by different values.

There are other ways to get to the menu, but they didn’t help me.

  1. Click on the message with the left mouse button, press the menu button on the keyboard 2 times. And the menu should open.
  2. Left-click on the message, then press TAB and ENTER 2 times, the menu should open.
    Both of these methods did not help. I suppose the problem is that I’m making a virtual click, not a physical one. That’s why the tab or menu button doesn’t work. But it is not possible to check the physical click, since the robot physically clicks above the element.

Are you using the teams website or the teams application ?

If i remember correctly the teams application is using electron, that is not supported ( some people have moderate success using a combination of image.get element and windows.get element in slack that is also an electron app )

Hello, Allan.
I use the teams website
I use chrome browser, I have 2 monitors. In the robot steps, I use getElement from the OpenRPA.NM group

ok, good.
The symptom you describe is something that reminds me of what happens if you maximize or “normalize” ( go from maximize to not maximize ) then chrome does not always notify the extension of the change in size and then everything is “off” by a margin. Did you change size or move it to a different window ? if so, the only solution is to completely close chrome and start again.

I tried it today

  1. Clear the cache and cookies
  2. I tried to restart the browser (I checked its activity in the processes)
  3. Rebooted the OpenRPA development environment.

None of this, unfortunately, helped. But a complete reboot of the PC helped.
I did change the window scale, sometimes opening the browser on the second monitor. I just haven’t noticed this problem before. And I have not encountered it on other sites.

That is the reason then. That is not supported ( and the only reason it is not supported is due to chrome. I know this can be fixed, but I have been unable to. )

Correction. I’ve been working for a while now. And I definitely did not change the scale, did not switch to windowed mode, did not drag it to the second monitor. I closed and opened the browser once. And the problem is back again

OpenRPA version 1.4.54
Chrome version 122.0.6261.129

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