Image recognition

Hi Allen,

I am trying to use get element under image category to find the image in my windows application. when I select the image every time it get green color shadow like below.
how do I avoid this. Thank you.


Hi Allen,

I tried this by using recorder also.
Recorder also get this type of green shadow.
Could you please advice

Thnaks & Regards,

disable recording overlay under settings

Hi Allen,

Thank you so much. This is life saving again.


Hi Allen,

Now I am detecting the image very clean like below.


And my selector details are equals to this.

Only issue is when I close the application and re-opened it. it cant detect the element.
If I highlight the element again , then it works fine.
Could you please help me to short this issue.
Thank you.

Maybe try and disable caching under settings → recorder → windows

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