I want to obtain the NM status in the code, online or offline

Sometimes, RPA cannot open Chrome, so I need to know the browser status so that I can open it through “startprocess”

If chrome is not connected to openrpa, openrpa will use Strart Process to start chrome and wait for chrome extension to connect, every time you use “Open Url” activity

When I am running, I am prompted, ‘The system cannot find the specified file’."

Sounds like chrome is missing from your PATH
If you open a command line and type chrome.exe does that work ?
This is what OpenRPA does

Currently, it seems that it can only be started through the full path,Do you consider using full path startup in your subsequent planning

No, if chrome is installed correctly it will be in the PATH.
It makes no sense to “start is using full path” how would openrpa know what the path is ? depending n how you installed chrome, it can be in many different places, and if openrpa had to search, how would it know where to search ? That is what PATH is for. To allow you to install the binaries where ever you want, and still allow you and other programs find the binaries when run from command line

:ok_hand: Thank you for your answer

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