Html tables in page forms


I would like to “press” Add button on the web form, but it turn out, that this component it in the quite complicated structure, which contains also “table”. “Recording” recognize this screen element as “get table” activity, which is rather not proper for this action.

I have to dig into the CSS path, passing all the windows up to the “button” and record it by the selector manually. This was rather time consuming and and requires a lot of attention.

Is there any other way to record such deeply buried structures?

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Open Settings tab → click Recorder plugins button → click NM → and uncheck “detect html tables”

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Thank you Allan! :slight_smile:

I would never found this property…
But I have to admit, that selector would be more precise.

I’ve also found debugging tools which expand my knowledge of logged objects as well. F9 is the thing I dreamed about… :wink:

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