How to use Delay for OpenRPA

I just started with OpenRPA today.
I used the Record function to record my actions.
I have a desktop application I am looking to automate clicks and entering text.
I was able to open the application. The application takes about 10 seconds to open.
Once it is open, I want to enter Text in, which I assigned the String value to.
When I go to Play it back, it will fail because it cannot find the window to enter the text which I am assuming is because of how long the application takes to open.
I tried adding a “Delay” but when I try to add it between opening the program and entering in the text, it never shows in the Workflow.
If I try to put the delay within the window, I get a giant error which I am guessing is because it doesn’t go there.

I got it to work, just had to remove everything after then start again.

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