How to run command on CMD

Hi community ,
I want to know one thing that can we hit some command on cmd using OpenRPA. Is it possible ? If possible then please let me know how we can do this.
Thanks in advance

Example :- we hit command on cmd and then output comes after that we hit another command . I

You can call any executable using start process, but you cannot (easily) grab the output. So No.

But powershell is pretty much the same as cmd, and you can call powershell using invoke code. Just google how to do what you want do from powershell, then you can use that from inside invoke code. If you need send data to/from powershell use variables.

Thanks @Allan_Zimmermann . But i have one doubt when i select autohotkey in invoke code action then it’ s not working.
AutoHotkey code :- Send {F6}

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