How to modify environment variable inside docker without running docker compose down and up?

We’ve deployed the openflow in a ubuntu server via docker compose. In traefik container, for TLS certificate renewal, we’ve used “Azure” as the ACME DNS challenger, and the azure secret is maintained in the docker compose file which is stored in the “AZURE_CLIENT_SECRET” environment variable.

The Azure client secret is expired last week and have created a new secret. Now, we want to update the new client secret in the Traefik’s env variable.

What is the procedure to update the environment variables in a running traefik container?. By doing so, will it create a fresh traefik container and the ingress configurations I’ve done inside the container so far will be lost?.
Key point is traefik and the openflow version shouldn’t be upgraded(must be retained in current version), as we have some dependences on that.

Can anyone help in this regard?

Openflow version: v1.4.34
Installed on ubuntu 20.04 LTS

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