How to locate element on child window


Unable to locate element on my child window. How can i switch focus from main window to child window to locate element.

Find an element inside the window, then it will be given focus automatically.

I’m assuming you mean a child window, in the sense it’s a second window in the same process ( 2 windows in the taskbar ) if you are talking about MDI windows, there is no need for focus anyway.

Hi Allan,
I used OpenRPA to automate my Windows application. After launching the main window (name: Chemo metect nucleo view 200), if I click the action button, a second pop-up window will open (name: Event Log Viewer). I tried to locate an element on the child window (Element name: 202407.log), but I got an Unable to locate element error. Delay activity was also added to wait to launch the popup window, but I am still not able to locate elements on my child window (second window in the same process).

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