How to installing node-red-node-email@2.0.1 in the noderedagent container

Is there another way on installing node-red-node-email@2.0.1 in the noderedagent container except direct installing the third party module in the noderedagent NodeRED UI - Settings - Control Panel - Install ?
The reason of doing that is the noderedagent container cannot directly link to the internet.


You can create your own image with the module pre-installed.
Or you can install a npm repository locally, that contains the packages you need.

Actually, there is a 3rd way, you can call the nodered api’s to do it. I don’t know how, if you want to try you can try and search the forum or docs or ask on slack ( the devs are pretty active on slack ).

Thank! @Allan_Zimmermann

I’ve tried creating my own image with modue pre-installed,but after click addagent, it failed to startagent

Thanks for you greateful reply, now it does work!
I use docker commit rebuild the image,but changed the bring up CMD command .

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