How to install a pacakge in OpenRPA

I’m exporting my projects to this location “D:\OpenRPA_Projects\OfferLetter_Automation”

this it the error when i’m try to download the package. I’m having the nuget package in that location

D:\OpenRPA_Projects\OfferLetter_Automation>dotnet add package OpenRPA.Office --version 1.0.18
D:\OpenRPA_Projects\OfferLetter_Automation\OfferLetter_Automation.rpaproj(1,1): error MSB4025: The project file could not be loaded. Data at the root level is invalid.
Line 1, position 1.
Unable to create dependency graph file for project ‘D:\OpenRPA_Projects\OfferLetter_Automation\OfferLetter_Automation.rpaproj’. Cannot add package reference.

you cannot install office using nuget, it’s bundles with the MSI installer, and it will only install if you have a supported version of office installed already.

Can I get the link to download OpenRPA.Office

you need to reinstall OpenRPA (recommended) or you can try to download nuget package from : and install (extract dll files) in documents/Openrpa/extensions (not recommended but can give a try)

No, please du not use those nuget packages ( it’s so anying nuget will not let me delete them )

OpenRPA.Office is inside the msi installer, but it will only install if you have a valid Office installed. ( the installer try to start Excel or Word using ActiveX and if that fails it’s not supported and refuses to install the Office extension )

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