How to get Filename of "Wait for Download"

I am facing a new Challenge. I want to move a File which is downloaded with “Wait for Download”.

I read in other topics, where it is mentioned that I can get the Filename from the Event Property Value.
I don’t know how to get the value of the Event Value.
Can somebody please explain which component I have to use with which Syntax?

Wait for download have a Event property
Store this value ( for instance you could create a variable named “myevent” of type OpenRPA.nm.DetectorEvent )
Then you find the filename AFTER the wait for download activity, on myevent

myevent.filename ( also check out myevent.filepath )

Thx @Allan_Zimmermann, that works great. Last Challenge will be the Moment of the File but i will try by myself to solve.
As i seen in your Tutorial to Detectors, i have to so that with an C# Script invoked in OpenRPA right?

if you mean “move” file ?
Then yes ( link )

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