How to get cookie and some Question

Hello handsome man, I have a question. Now I have a need to obtain the cookie information saved during browsing. I know that it can be achieved through js code, as shown below. However, in some cases, if the requested Https page and the cookie of the page are set to the HttpOnly type, the js code acquisition will be invalid. For this situation, does our RPA have components or APIs that can obtain the browser’s cookies?

If the browser cannot access the cookie, then openrpa cannot either.
( well, not 100% true, I’m sure the cookies are on disk in some profile folder somewhere, but i have no idea how to find it, nor if they are encrypted or hashed in any way )

Thank you handsome guy for your reply, because my company uses other RPA software, and there is a function to obtain cookies on this software. If I understand the source code, I will share it.

If you embed a browser into you application ( was easy to do with Internet explorer, and chrome has CEF ) then you get more control and more options.
I actually used that for single signin in old versions of openrpa, by reading a cookie after the user logged in.
But OpenRPA uses an chrome extension right now, so you are restricted by what the chrome extension is allowed access too ( cannot interact with code in the page, cannot access cookies form other site’s etc )

Handsome guy, I think the solution you mentioned is feasible. In fact, I only need to obtain the login cookie, and subsequent actions are all performed through code. The question now is how to obtain the built-in IE cookie. Is there any case? I would like to read it, thank you very much

you are such a genius

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