How to get an action value?

I have to get a ReadExcel property, in short i need to get the filename property and assign it to a variable, anyone can help me?

Use Assign activity to assign a value to a variable
On the variable tab yo can create a string variable to hold the full path and filename
and then you can use that variable in Read Excel

I want to assign the readExcel filename to the variable and not the other way around

Yes, move the assign ABOVE the readexcel,
then assign the value to the variable filePath and then use FilePath instead of the “hardcoded” one

I think there was a misunderstanding, I need the user to browse through their folders to find the file through readExcel and then I would need to get this value from readExcel to use in other parts of the program

You cannot browser using readexcel, it requires you to define the full path
You can use SelectFile activity to allow the user to select a file

understood, thank you!