How to delete/clear audit logs?

Hi Allan,
I’m using your openflow cloud on a project, but the database is now full (25mb) with audit logs.
How can i delete those, so that I can keep using the robots and openflow??

Can I delete them from openflow?

audit log is saved in an immutable collection, I cannot delete audit logs for a single user or customer, but only expire all data after a certain time … right now I save it for 6 months, and i have no plans to change that right now
You can see database usage per collection here Login ( make sure you are logged in with a user who is member for the customer admin group )
If you have high usage in one of the _hist tables i can assist in delete that data ( right now there is no easy way to delete history )
Or you can simply buy more diskspace, it’s only 0,44 USD per 50mb diskspace

I see a lot of records on the openrpa_hist.

How can i delete them?

You can do that from nodered using delete many ( or I can do it for you )

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