How to deal with NullReferenceExeception

Hi there, I have a workflow which crashes immediately with NullReferenceException.
Unfortunately, I don’t know what it means and what I can do about it.
I’m using OpenRPA 1.3.61 in Offline mode. The crash occurs when I call OpenRPA from the Windows task scheduler with a specific workflow ID.

The first step in the workflow is to “Get Workflow Instance”.

Could that be the issue?

That is an pretty old version ( but if it works, nothing wrong with that )

The error seems to come from the designer. One of the reasons i removed “auto open workflows” from openrpa, was to avoid issues with half loaded desginers or errors like the one you sent. please make sure you have all designer closed before closing openrpa ( or remove the id’s of workflows that gets opened when openrpa starts from settings.json )

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