How to create selector for DevExpress TdxBarButton that is available from popup menu from TdxBar, TdxBarControl

I am trying to RPA-automate Delphi 6 program that uses DevExpress components, specifically, that has menu based on TdxBar components from which TdxBarButtons can be made visible and clickable.

Currently get-element activity’s open-selector sees the TdxBar as one big components and it does not detect separate areas on it which act as buttons for opening popup menus.

Maybe there are some tricks? Maybe there are ready plugins?

I have gathered some information and put into SE question automated tests - How to create selector (or plugin) to access TdxBarButton that sits on TdxBar - for RPA-automation of Delphi 6 application? - Stack Overflow but this forum may be more focused. Thanks!

Hi @Alex_Meyer

I would suggest you use the Open Selector option of the Get Element. Select the TdxBar using the select button. Next, you will observe that a tree structure would load in the left pane. Browse the hierarchy and select (Right Click) your component.

If the elements are visible before you open the selector window and you then cannot see them in the tree. Then there is a high chance a developer removed the interfaces windows need to offer accessibility features and therefor also rpa. In that case you need to use image recognition, witch has it own bag of issues

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