How to click choose file in openrpa

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann

I’m unable to see the choose file dialogue box after clicking the Choose file button. How can this problem be fixed

I used Selenium activities. I select the file’s Xpath and send the file to decalared using the sendkeys function.

Sample selenium code:
WebElement chooseFile = driver.findElement("custom-input"));


how to do in openRPA?

Why you are using Selenium for the automation?. selenium can only automate browser elements choose file(file upload dialog box is not browser element). I will suggest to use browser activities for the automation

I’ve only explained how to upload files to the choose file button; I’m not automating a Selenium script into an open RPA. Using openRPA, how do I send files?

You can use windows automation to click and type into file upload dialog box

File upload dialog REQUIRE a physical click, it cannot be activated by code.
Indo not know if that is possible with selenium

Hi @Abinaga
Try this approach; it works if you click the element for choosing a file.

  1. Get the NM. Element and write the Xpath of the choose file button,
  2. Next, choose the toolbox Text option and click “{Enter}” in the NM.ELEMENT action.
  3. Add a second activity inside the “Choose File” button. Click Element

Kindly download the ChooseFile.xaml file and refer to the attached screen record
Choose File Link: 2023-06-28_18-59-31 - TechSmith Screencast - TechSmith Screencast
Choose File XAML File: ChooseFile.xaml (22.5 KB)

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Thank you, @hariprasath

This method is working fine and i can able to choose the file button, After try this method.

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