How to access OpenRPA project file where the OpenRPA project and its workflows are stored?

I am trying to quickly setup and test OpenRPA project, but the handling of the project/workflows information is very strange. I can create new project and workflows within it, but there are no ‘Save As’ button for this project.

Where the project is saved and how can I more this project from one workstation to another? I think that this should be pretty basic activity, just grab file or directory and copy/paste on another computer and then load/import/open it in the OpenRPA tool. But there are not commands/menu entries for such activities? How to do this?

I am aware of the documentation 3. OpenRPA — BPA/OpenIAP Docs 1.0.5 documentation and it suggests that something is stored in ‘My Documents’, but there are just general settins.json, layout.config and some *.db files. Maybe projects/workflows are stores in those db files and then I should somehow get projects/workflows out of those db files?

Such subtle issues make the OpenRPA adoption very heavy. I may understand, that OpenRPA suggest storing projects/workflows in the remote repository on some server and that is generally fine. But I am trying the tools for Delphi/DevExpress project which will involve heavy image recognition, which may fail with high probability and succeed with small probability and that is why I would prefer as upfront work as possible so, that I can move instantly to tyring image recognition features. There is no reason to setup server before.

OK, I got reply myself. OpenRPA keeps the project and workflow in its internal databases, but the toolbar buttons ‘Import’, ‘Export’ allows to handle both individual workflows and entire projects with manu workflows (directory with the project file and workflow tiles).

openrpa saves all information in the local db file.
If openrpa is connected to an openflow instance it also saves everything in openflow.
This is how you move stuff between machines. By using openflow and assigning the correct permissions ( prefably by using roles ) You should not be use import/export to share workflow between machines, you are suppose to use openflow for that. import/export is intended for moving workflows between different openflow instances, not robots.

But if you for some reason is unable to install openflow ( or use mine at ) you can copy the .db files between machines but then you should make sure you are running in offline mode ) and the file will then be called offline.db

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