How do you use the Assistant?

I downloaded the Assistant from the Github and logged in, but I dont see anything. Is this a tool much like UiPath Assistant?

  • Openrpa consumes workflows and is primarely designed to do rpa ( automating using the user interface )
  • agents consumes packages containing code ( nodejs, javascript, python, powershell or dotnet ) and is designed to work as microservices. They can be used for rpa, but in realityt that would mostly be browser automation ( or image automation )

Or in other words, openrpa is designed to automate the ui, agents are designed to use api’s. Both can do rpa, borh can use api`s but the intent is like explained above.
Example on how to use agents ( like the assistent is explained here creating your first agent | openflow )

Very cool. So, just as your opinion, do you think an agent could call a package that triggers a workflow to run on the same machine as the agent, from openflow? Im gonna play around with it tonight. I want to see if I can build a solution similar to UiPaths assistant where an automation can be triggered to run on the local machine where the assistant is.

Yes, that is possible.
It’s not really documented anywhere, but you need to call QueueMessage with a payload of

    command: "invoke",
    workflowid: "1234",
    data: {"arg1": "hello world"}

and send it to the queue of the robot ( the _id of the user the robot is running as or a role the user is a member of, that also has the RPA role checked )

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