How can I click on OK button in Empower Application

Hi, i want to automate a application where i have to click on OK Button, by using “Click Element” Activity its not working. Can you please help me

what have you tried so far ?
what error are you getting ?
does hightlight work ?


In the above Image i want to be click on “OK” .

I have used below activity:
image (1)

But its not clicked. Please help me

does it find it ? can you highlight it ?
if yes, then try setting virtual click to false

When I am trying to highlight the “OK” button its not highlighting.

then you need to fix the selector
Copy the one that is not working
re-select the button
compare the two selectors and adjust the selector so it works on “all” cases

explained here

“filename”: “%windir%\Explorer.EXE”,
“processname”: “explorer”,
“arguments”: “”,
“Selector”: “Windows”,
“search_descendants”: “True”,
“mouse_over_search”: “False”
“ClassName”: “Progman”,
“Name”: “Program Manager”,
“ControlType”: “Pane”,
“FrameworkId”: “Win32”
“ClassName”: “SysListView32”,
“Name”: “Desktop”,
“ControlType”: “List”,
“AutomationId”: “1”,
“FrameworkId”: “Win32”

I am getting the above selector while i am trying to select “OK” button

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