Hd robot, use nm.closeTab activity not work

Hi, I deployed hd robot service, i use closeTab activity under openRPA.NM category,but chrome browser do not closed. I don’t know why?
if the hd robot open task manager ,it can stop chrome process manuly .
can any one help me .

Maybe the website has a service worker keeping chrome a llive
Maybe the website is showing an alert that is keeping it from closing
Maybe you have an extension installed that uses background workers that is keeping it a live ( often you can see that by having a chrome login in the system tray when all chrome tabs are closed )
Maybe there is more tabs open and you didn’t set “all tabs” to true

Thanks for your quick reply.
by the way, when use admin user login, it’s no issue,it’s ok.

It’s the reason that i forget to install openrpa chrome extenstion under hd robot account , only install it under admin account. On rpa log window, it displayed : “pending chrome addon to connect”.
Now it is ok .
Thanks very much . @Allan_Zimmermann

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