Has OpenRPA been tested in Windows Servers?

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Has OpenRPA been tested and recommended to run in any of the Window’s servers? I just tested it in Windows 2019, installed Roboform chrome or edge addon, yet has this prompt error flashing. But no such thing occurring when in Windows 11.

Or OpenRPA and the rest of the RPA platforms, are designed to run in desktops?

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Noone has ever reported an error about OpenRPA not working on windows server.

You forgot to add the error

Sorry, here is the image of the error …

… it shows while doing a recording the part of clicking the Roboform in the Chrome toolbar …

And please note, I was trying to run in a VM with Windows Server 2022 Datacenter …

Massive thanks

you cannot use the nm activities to control plugins inside chrome/edge.
you need to use the windows activities to control that.
nm, is meant for automating the web pages inside chrome/edge
Since you clicked inside edge, OpenRPA tries to use the nn chrome extension, so you need to manually add a windows get element and open the selector to find elements inside that chrome extension

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