Getting error in web data extraction in the form of Data Table. (Error converting value "" to type 'System.Int64')

Trying to extract data from a webpage in the form of a Data table using the Recorder and getting this error.
Error converting value “” to type ‘System.Int64’. Path ‘[8][‘Year Of Passing’]’, line 76, position 25. in OpenRPA.

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Attaching reference image of web data that need to be extracted:-

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Image of OpenRPA on which activity I’m getting Error:-

Hmm, looks like a bug.
“Get Table Data” tries to “guess” the type for each column, and add data using that type. So if a table column has different types of data it will fail. ( not the issue here, just mentioning it )
In this case the is no value, for string columns that is not an issue, since “”/empty string is a valid string value, but for integeres we have no “no number”. We cannot just assume 0 or -1 is the default, so only option would be to convert “” to a null/nothing, but by default data table columns does not allow vbNull

so I guess there are two solutions to the issue I can add.

  1. You can set SkipTypeCheck to True, this will save all values as string ( but then you need to convert them when reading the values from the data table )
  2. I can add an option to allow Null values and add check in code for “no value” and use Null on those cases.

Hmm, looking at the code, that might be much harder than i expected.
For now, i suggest you use SkipTypeCheck. I might look a bit more into this later, but will not be within the next few months.

Thank you Allan,
After Enabling “SkipTypeCheck” to True, It is working properly.

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