GetMails Activities

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann , does GetMails Activity cache the mails it gets from outlook inbox, i got new mails that meets the criterial my robot is suppose to execute, but rpa keep picking thesame set of old emails.

No, it talks directly with outlook.
So either you have a bad filter, or there is an issue with outlook.

I left my filter empty, expecting it to get all emails, i only set Unread to “True”

@Allan_Zimmermann Please do you have a filter sample you can share ?

Please make sure outlook is opened up before reading the mails. sometimes Outlook is not synced and because of that openrpa is not able to read new mails.
Just to ask how many emails are there in the outlook inbox right now?

Outlook is opened @yashshah @Allan_Zimmermann , it seems like rpa pick the emails in descending order.

another concern i have is, when you try to use item.senderEmail to get the user email, i am able to get emails for external email services like gmail, yahoomail e.t.c.

however, when i try to get email address within our organization e.g, i end up getting the X.500 code in place of the actual email address.

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