GetCredentials activity issue

Hello all,
I’m trying to get the credentials saved in OpenFlow but when I print username and password variables it came blank.


Can someone help me with this topic?

try using & and not + in the writeline
Also make sure the robot has read access to the credentials object ( is it running as ctvrobot ? )

@Allan_Zimmermann Thank you for your suggestion on using “&” instead of “+” in the writeline. I have implemented this change.
And yes… I’m running “ctvrobot” user and have read, update and delete permissions.
But the issue continue.

This in my openflow (test env):

You are using the wrong get credentials. The one under utilities uses windows credential store, you need to use the one under openflowdb

Thank you so much @Allan_Zimmermann for bringing this to my attention! I had no idea I was using the wrong one, your knowledge on this truly helped me. And now is working perfectly. :smiley:

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