Get issue in Open RPA

Hi Allan ,
I am getting this issue from last week. When i tried to open “OpenRPA” application on my windows server. Everytime i am getting the below error : -

After 5-7 mint automatically it opens.

If you are sure the server version is correct, you can either delete the .db file in “documents\openrpa” or do as the message say, open the workflow, change anything and click save to force local and server version to match

I am not sure about anything. Sometime i am getting this error sometime not. I don’t know what to do. that’s why i need your help

I just told you what to do …

Normally this happens if you have 2 robots using the same user. So if it keeps happening, try and find the robot that is running as your user, and close it down, or make sure it’s running with it’s own user

Ok Allan. Thanks for helping i am doing that you are saying. Let you know if i get the same issue again

I have deleted the .db file as you say . but when i start the openRPA application i am getting this in logging please check below :-

I hope it’s not crucial

It simply means that inside the openflow database you have one or more workflow run’s that was not marked as completed.

OK once again thank you for helping me

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