Get Element - Notepad - text editor element not working

First of all, thanks and congrats for OpenRPA solution, Alan!

I started to study OpenRPA by Marcelo Cruz course on Udemy and in his first bot he does a bot to just open the “notepad” and write a “Hello World!”.

I was trying to replicate this bot but I can’t and this is weird because I am using “Select Element” and “Open Selector” to do and even this way I have a error message in the execution.

The bot is as follow:

  1. Open Application:
    I use the “Select Element” and clicked on the top of the notepad window to get it. (The same as Marcelo Cruz in the video)

  2. Get Element:
    I used the Open selector to get the text editor element (like Marcelo).

  3. Assign:
    I just wrote “item.Value” and wrote “hi”.

When I execute the bot I have a message error:
“# Failed locating 1 item(s)”

I tried everything I knew (even though it was little hahaha) and I can’t to solve this problem :frowning:

My first guess.
The title ( and there for the selector) changes when you add text to notepad.
So you need to add a * to the selector where the window title is

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