Get element doesnt work

Hello Allan, i installed openRPA in my server and the Get Element.image dont work. it allows me to select the image but when i play or click highlight always fails and in the log says that coud not find the image.
my OS is Windows Server 2022 Datacenter.

Image activities are very sensitive to screen resolution and DPI please make sure all settings are exactly the same to the development environment

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Hi Gabriel,
Please check the “Processname” property. I do all my scraping on Chrome, but I have the plugin also installed on FF. Sometimes even when pointing to something in Chrome, the recorder of the GetElement puts “ff” in the processname.
You can play with the threshold value. The default of 0.8 is often ok, but sometimes it helps lowering it a little.
Also play with the “CompareGray” -option.
And there are the obvious things like: make sure the image you are looking for is 100% visible.

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