Firefox recording problem - no data entry box is shown when clicking a form's ID and Password boxes

Am using OpenRPA for the first time and have run into a problem getting Firefox to show text entry boxes when recording. Tried the same with Chrome and had success with this webpage: User Login Page but Chrome has trouble with the subsequent page after login. My hope is that the solution to recording robotic data entry on this page in Firefox will work with the subsequent page too.
Tried IE 11 but the version supplied by Win 11 does not show the Captcha image even outside OpenRPA - not sure why not. Other IE versions are not easy to find and install.
Chrome cannot properly find and highlight the answer boxes on the next page - they are all over the page. So Firefox seems the last resort. FF 121 shows the boxes and highlights them properly, but does to allow text to be entered and recorded.
All browsers and extensions are the latest available. This is on a local machine.
Thanks and regards.

Im not at a computer so cannot validate it, but looks to me like the page is using frames or iframes.
Those are officially not supported

( highlight and physical clicks not supported )

Thanks Allan.

But would frames explain why the login page url I sent is able to accept clicks and show a text input box in Chrome but not in Firefox? It seems that whatever is working in Chrome might make Firefox work too, and it would allow Firefox to process the page that follows login also. That is the goal.

Firefox highlights the positions of the boxes very nicely in both the login and following pages but doesn’t allow their input to be recorded. Chrome allows input nicely on the login page but does not place the highlights properly on the next page, perhaps because that has frames.

If the code that works well for each browser could be used by both then each browser should become useable.

It seems Firefox is very close to working. It just needs to present a text input box associated with its correct highlights. Chrome does that on the login page.

Any help is much appreciated. We need to meet government regulations for a big group here very soon.

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