Finding a field on a website with changing ID

Hello all,

I’m new at RPA and I have a case where I have a list of links and I want to find one specific field on each website. The Problem is, that the fields on the website just have chronological ID’s. So at one website the ID is 56 and at another it’s 92 because there are more fields in between. Here is an example:

So how can I solve this problem? Is there a function to search for a field name and copy the content?

Use this xpath to get DOI field value from page “//dt[text()="DOI:"]/following-sibling::dd”
go thorugh this link to understand xpath with some useful functions: XPath Contains: Text, Following Sibling & Ancestor in Selenium

In the selector this works but if i close it and highlight it, there comes this error:

can you send screenshot of selector property in openrpa?

Hi, of course. Here is the Selector

“Selector”: “NM”,
“browser”: “chrome”,
“frame”: “-1”,
“url”: “Literature review of decision models for the sustainable implementation of ...: FOM Hochschule Online-Literatursuche
“xpath”: “//dt[text()=“DOI:”]/following-sibling::dd”


When execute the Workflow I get the following Error:

“[17:22:18.326][Output] New Workflow3 failed at 1.6 in 00:03.872
#After parsing a value an unexpected character was encountered: D. Path ‘[1].xpath’, line 9, position 27.”

Any idea, what the Problem is @yashshah ?

Selector is invalid .Whenever you use double quotes in xpath you need replace " with backsplash and double quotes
Like this

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@yashshah thank u really much, now its working :slight_smile:

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