FilteredPackages in Project NuGet package manager

I’m wondering why some packages are filtered out of the results in the package manager.

        public string[] FilteredPackages = new string[] { "Newtonsoft.Json", "NLog", "FlaUI.", 
            "System.", "System.Collections.Immutable", "Microsoft.", 
            "AvalonEdit", "NuGet.", "Extended.Wpf.Toolkit", "DotNetProjects.Wpf", "CefSharp", "NAudio", "SharpAvi",
            "DataConnectionDialog", "Forge.Forms", "ToastNotifications", "HtmlAgilityPack", "EMGU.CV", "ZedGraph", "FastMember", "Humanizer",
            "MahApps", "ControlzEx", "MaterialDesignColors", "MaterialDesignThemes", "OpenRPA"

It applies to any package which has any of the above names as prefix.
Some of them are already available, so no need to import them again. But others are quite prohibitive (for instance “Microsoft.”. That excludes a lot of packages from being imported.

So I’m wondering what the reason is for the filters, and whether some of them can be expanded (made more specific) to exclude fewer packages?

I think i did it to avoid people trying to update packages that openrpa is also using. That would break the robot since I don’t want to add very broad version mapping on each dll.
But I’m defiantly open for changing this, if you see an issue or need some where.

If i decided to play with that, keep in mind I do something similar in openrpa.interfaces when loading plugins … this was to make it load faster, since there is a TON of exceptions when loading a dll that is not a .net dll, or that is already loaded.

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