Feature request: WorkflowInstance start/stop timestamps


Unsure if this is already feasible, but when looking into the openrpa_instances collection in OpenFlow I noticed there is no start/stop timestamps.
Adding those would of course increase storage required by a little bit (but not much looking on what is already there in that collection).

This could allow for an easy check on execution performance of all workflows.

Definitely nothing urgent, especially since it increases the storage footprint, but just putting it out there.

I need to understand a little better. I think what you are asking for is how it already works.
_created represents when an object was created, this will always be the same as when the workflow was started.
_modified represents the last time an object was modified. If we assume only openrpa is updating the objects, and we assume the robot was not working offline and was syncing data up later, this should also be the same time the workflow was marked as completed or failed ( or whatever state it is in right now )

Given there are cases where you cannot depend on _modified to be exact, i could see why you would want to add a different field, but then we also risk getting into time-screw issues and so one …

I can start with that, and see how far can I get with it without changes.

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