Extracting data from browser

Installed the app and tried to replicate the example of getting data to a csv file as it’s showed on this video:

However, when I try to do that I get an error saying that I need to specify the Datatable argument. What should be written there?

Delete the default text in the datatable argument, and type then name you want to give your datatable variable, then press Ctrl+K to auto create a variable with the name

I just did that, but then I’m getting another error when playing the workflow:

“# Datatable is null / Parameter name: Datatable”

None default name is created but I did like you suggested (creating a variable).

Any guess?

Maybe you have multiple variables with that name in different scopes.
Or maybe you are using different variables across the activities ( so get table is adding to one datatable variable but you are giving the for each row activity an variable with an empty datatable variable )

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