Extract URL value from selector

Hi… i’m using get element activity and get the element.i need to get only url value from thet selector…is it possible??

You want the URL from the selector, after you recorder a selector ?
Or you want to know how to get current url open in the browser, when running a workflow ?

Hi…Allan…I want the URL from the selector…after the recording…

i want url value in this highlighted selector…

I don’t think that is possible.
The selector is saved as text to the activity, so not easy to get access to from code.
You could copy and paste it, fix all the " formatting, and assign it to a string variable, then parse the string variable using JObject.parse and get the URL, but after doing all that, why not just copy the url directly from the selector after you did the recording. I don’t quite understand what is the use case of doing this ?

how can i extract current URL from the recording…??

when i start recording and capture url…i got this selector…OR

can we change this URL as dynamic using variables…(eg: add page number into end of the url value… )

the url in the selector is only used to find the tab if you have more tabs open.
So there should not be any reason to update the url.

You use open url to load a url

Thanks Allan…Actually i’m try to use get element activity inside the ‘while loop’…and in every loop update the url …like update the page number and extract the new page elements directly…anyway thanks for your quick reply…

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