Extract specific informations from a resume

In my project i have some resumes that i tranformed into text, and i want to extract the work experience in every resume, is there any activity that could help to do that?
Thank you.

I believe this is the same question as here ?

I don’t think so, beacause i have the resume in text format not image, and i want to extract the work experience from it.

Sorry, you are correct.
I guess the regex activity ( matches ) would be usefull to find the text, as long as you know the format of the text

I’ve used this method and i want to display the result the method is returning but i can not,
How could i do that
Thank you

what do you mean by “display the result” ?

I want to print it in the output, so i can see the result i am getting,
beacause i am just getting the type of the results variable in the Matches

in the Results property in the Matches activity , i specified a variable i named result and its type is System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match[]
I dont know if this is the variable that will have the result of the Matches
but in general i want to get the extraced result

Set a breakpoint using F9 to inspect variables
or use “writeline” to write string’s to the output tab

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