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Hello Allan I’m having the same problem as David. I have workflows that works offline. They have been working with no problem until today. Now I’m having an issue where I get some values from online and when I invoke code it breaks like the same as David. Please notice that I’m in offline mode.

I published a new version of the chrome extension yesterday. Chrome will be removing access to manifest version 2 at the end of this year, and the way objects are return is a little different.
For me it looks like I could most likely fixit it so you can again return arrays and objects, but for now, you need to make a little work around and return the object as json and then you could use JObject.parse or JArray.parse to convert it to something you could easily work with
( see an example here Detalle executeScript - #4 by Allan_Zimmermann )
I am very sorry for the inconvenience this gives.

Thank you for your support Allan. I will try the method you have send and let you know if its going to work.

Hello again Allan. When I try to import your script I am having an issue like below. Can you please only send the script that you made changes ?

detalleExecuteScript2.json (7.5 KB)
Try this

Hello Allan. I have tried the script you have sent. But it couldn’t help me. I’m trying to receive an URL list from an website. I have prepared an workflow example for you so that you can see how I’m trying to do. I can’t get the URL list of the string array. Can you please help me about getting URL list string [ ]?
Object2Array.json (7.2 KB)
Object2Array.xaml (6.2 KB)

Hola @dediof39 ver

modifique unas lín eas de tu ejemplo, de la siguiente manera.

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