Excell Addin do not load when open with openrpa

Hello, i´ve got a problem that when i open a spreadsheet with openrpa the Excel Add-in don´t load, but if i open the excel app and in the excel open my spreadsheet it loads. I have no idea why it happens but i think it´s because of how the openrpa open the spreadsheet. Does anyone can help me?

openrpa does not use any office Add-in’s it uses activex com components exposed by office. Is openrpa giving any errors when you try to add/read from excel ?

No, it just don´t activates the add-in and if i go see in options it looks checked as if was enable and to works i need to uncheck and check again.
I´m trying to open the sheet by using open application on excel and searching for the sheet but write cell still opens by it´s on an sheet without the addin, do you know how i can do it?

Again, openrpa does not have an addin.
If you are talking about an addin from some other vendor, then you need ask them.

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