Error while using invoke Code : "A new release of pip is available: 23.0 -> 23.0.1 "

I am trying to use invoke code node in openRPA…while executing it, it is giving me “A new release of pip is available: 23.0 → 23.0.1” error. So i updated the pip version to 23.0.1 but still after restarting and executing rpa i am getting same error.

Attaching my pip version and I am using embedded python for openRPA. I dont know how to upgrade PIP version for embedded python

OpenRPA by default use an embedded version of Python, since it ONLY supports python version 3.7
You can find it at C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\python-3.7.3-embed-amd64

Thanks Allen, I have updated PIP for embedded python…Now that error is resolved

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