Error while running macro

Hello, everytime i try to run a Macro in Excel using “Run Macro” OpenRPA returns this message in the output. I have no idea why. Does anyone know what can it be?
[09:59:47.198][Output] Copy of Ptax Fec failed at 1.3 in 01:22.463

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

try setting a breakpoint using F9 and single step (using F10) to see when it fails and what values is null ( Nothing )

These are the values and it fails exactly at run macro.

what properties did you set on RunExcelMacro ? is any of those Null ?
Did you make sure you are using an excel sheet with macros enabled ? ( file must be named .xlsm and have macros enabled )

These are the properties, and the macro run manually. By the look OpenRPA run the macro and in the end of the process returns the message.

does the macro return any data ?
if not maybe it’s better to use type string ( as int cannot be null )
also, looking at the source code, i think it NEEDS a variable in Result, if you macro returns a value

maybe compare with the exeample i have here

I changed to type string and it worked, didn´t need a result variable.
Thansk man

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