Error while running image recognition in a gcp VM

OpenRPA version:1.4.55
OpenFlow version:.1.5.0
Using or self hosted openflow: self-hosted
Hello Allan, i´m trying to run a workflow in a VM via Node-red and it works when i´m logged in the vm, but if i disconnect and try to run the workflow this error message apears:
[10:55:03.754][Output] Mercados failed at 1.4070 in 00:02.624

The handle is invalid

[10:55:03.449][Error] Cannot load instance ba57caf5-2188-427e-8977-7a45681caa55 it contains no state
and if i run the workflow while connected and afterr that close the remote session this other error apears:
[11:03:51.836][Output] Mercados failed at 1.3823 in 02:26.568

OSError : screen grab failed

the workflow uses get image to click menus and invoke code to run an image recognition code in python using tensorflow.

That is standard windows behaviour.
Only solution is to keep the session open and in focus, or use hd robots

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