Error: Object Reference not set to an instance of an object

Hi There

When trying to use the OpenRPA.NM get element feature following from opening a url I am shown the following error : “Cannot create an instance of GetElement. Object reference not set to an instance of an object”. Not sure why this is happening as I have filled in all the required fields within the previous Open URL action and have installed the chrome plugin. Also the recorder does not seem to work either as when i press the record button nothing really happens.

OpenURL will work, even when the chrome extension is not working properly.
The “Cannot create an instance of GetElement” is a bit strange. I have only seen that error when you try to add a Get Element using drag and drop or the recorder, AND there is a dll missing. But you explain it as you get it doing running the workflow ? Could you please explain WHEN you are getting this error ?

Sorry, probably didn’t explain it correctly. The error occurs whenever i drag the get element feature into the workflow.

Then you install is most likely corrupted, try uninstalling openrpa, re-downlading the openrpa.msi installer and install again.