Error Get Element

Hi all,

We have a problem with a “get element”, when we program the element run correctly and recognize the element. But when it is executed it works randomly, the get element is the following

“filename”: “%windir%\Explorer.EXE”,
“processname”: “explorer”,
“arguments”: “”,
“Selector”: “Windows”,
“search_descendants”: “True”,
“mouse_over_search”: “False”
“ClassName”: “Shell_TrayWnd”,
“ControlType”: “Pane”,
“FrameworkId”: “Win32”
“Name”: “Connecting”,
“ControlType”: “Button”,
“AutomationId”: “Item*”,
“FrameworkId”: “Win32”

In this we are looking for a vpn icon in the bottom bar of windows when it is in the connecting state.

How can i fix this ramdom error?

Thanks for all

Try to run openrpa using admin some applications(like VPN) have higher lvl permission. and openrpa might not have that lvl of permission

Please make sure the clear cache parameter is true in get element activity

Thanks for your quickly response, we put the clearcache parameter to true and continue with the same error.

possible to send screenshot of where you want to click?also can you try set “search_descendants” to “False” in selector

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Thanks, we change the “search_descendants” but continues without found the icon.

Attached you can found the screenshot with the icon we can try found.

Thanks a lot for all

In addition, when we try to select again the result selector is the same as the one i pasted here, but it works.

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