Entities in Openflow

@Allan_Zimmermann Hi . i want to know how can i work with entities in openflow with openrpa. i want to create a database in entities section of openflow and integrate that with openrpa

openflow uses mongodb as a backend database.
Basically openflow is a layer that added Access Control Lists and on the fly encryption of data, on top of MongoDB and RabbitMQ queue’s/exchange’s.
Mongodb devide data up, in Collections ( what you would call a table in a normal database ) but since it’s NoSQL it also allows saving any in a collection. To bring some kind of order in the data, I enforce an _type field on all data, so you can save many different types of data into the same collection, and easily search across all the data.
If data is better saved separately, you can create a new collection simply by adding data into it.( you can do that from openrpa, openflow and the API, but not the web interface )
Adding data to collections can be restricted if you eable enteties restrictions in the config file. For app.openiap.io you cannot create new collectins or add custom data to most collections, except the entities collection, but if you are running a selfhosted openflow, you can do pretty much what ever you like.

There is example on how to add/update and delete data inside openflow, from openrpa on the example github

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