Enabling HTTPS from localhost

Hi Allan,

Currently we are running openflow locally, How to make it live?.
We have a domain and .pem, and key also.

what are the changes required in config.

you need to setup dns as explainer here.
For https, i recommend using letsencrypt as explained here.
Traefik does support you supply your own certificate, but that is not something i will support ( just google “traefik pem docker compose” you will get many examples ) just make sure the certificate is a wildcard certificate.

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i am running openflow from code instead of docker. Will this work for it as well

No and yes.
the app is designed to run in docker and be exposed by traefik ( or some other reverse proxy )
So if you have a reverse proxy setup, sure, then it will work.
But over the forum i will only support using my images with my example docker compose files.

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