Docker compose files extraction(mongodb , mongodb container not working in docker)

Hello Allan!

Attempt to extract files from Github by running normal-up.bat. Only three containers are running in docker. Mongodb and mongodbsetup containers are not working. Checked log it shows “mongodb 5.0 + requires a cpu with AVX support”.

Tried to resolve with troubleshooting tips by changing the version from 3.3 to 4 in docker-compose.yml file. It didn’t work.
Docker version: v17

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi! this works for me in .yml file:
version: “3.3”
image: “mongo:4.4.8”
restart: always
- mongodb_data:/data/db

check which .yml file is executing the normal-up.bat file. maybe you are running a different one than the one you edit

ohh! Thanks Mateo will check the .yml file.

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